Stairway Team Outing 2017

Two days of diving, dining and dancing made for a wonderful  and challenging SFI team outing.

Over the past decades Stairway has grown from a small organization with just a few staff and programs limited to one or two locations, into an organization with nearly 40 team members working in multiple locations nationally and internationally.  This is of course a desirable and positive development as we reach much further in scope and address more issues that are core to child protection and child development.

However we also experience that the foundation of all that we do, which we can call the “Stairway culture” encompassing our internal communication, interaction and dynamics is being challenged.  Unless we make deliberate efforts, we can have team members who may not get to see each other for extended period of time.

Our annual staff day is an effort to bring everyone together to build ONE team with a shared vision and understanding and appreciation of everybody’s role and function within the organization.