Philippine Law Enforcement Project

PNTI: Capacity Building on Children’s Rights and Child Sexual Abuse Prevention for the Philippine Law Enforcement Sector

The Rationale behind our Collaboration with the Philippine Law Enforcement

In the Philippines, it is the law enforcement that carries the mandate to respond to cases of child sexual abuse and exploitation, which is the reason that Stairway began to initiate and cultivate a strong partnership with them.  We have experienced that while many police officers have the necessary knowledge to handle cases of child sexual abuse, many seem to lack the understanding of how severely this crime affects child victims.  It is not uncommon that sexually abused children are further traumatized during the process of reporting at the police stations. There is an evident need to affect change in attitude towards children in general and towards child sexual abuse in particular within the police force. To respect and to treat children as human beings with rights, we need police officers who are technically equipped to handle cases involving minors, and even more so, they need to be truly empathetic towards children and their special needs.  Because the intent of our collaboration with the Law Enforcers is aimed more at effecting a change of attitude than simply the passing of knowledge, Stairway’s advocacy and training program with the law enforcement is anchored in creative expressions.

The Training

The training of the officers and the cadets consists of one full day of discussions and exercises and covers a wide range of topics having to do with children’s rights and child sexual abuse prevention. The sessions are designed to be engaging, interactive and thought provoking for the participants. Topics in the sessions include the following:

  • Gender and sexuality
  • Children’s rights
  • The dynamics of child sexual abuse
  • The child sex offender
  • The victim
  • As law enforcers, how to respond to victims
  • Technology related crimes against children


The Tools

Over the past decade, Stairway has produced three animation films for the promotion of children’s rights and the prevention of child sexual abuse.  The 3 films, addressing different aspects of child sexual abuse and exploitation, have earned international acclaim for their unique qualities to communicate an unspeakable issue to a wide audience. They confront incest, pedophilia, sex trafficking of children and children abused in pornography.  These 3 films make up the pillar of the trainings of the cadets and the officers, and in special cases the creative approach is enhanced further through the presentation of the theatre piece “Cracked Mirrors”.  Like the animations, the theatre piece was developed at Stairway.  It confronts the issues of child sex trafficking, pedophilia, pornography, and the plight of street children, and is performed by 3 young people, who themselves are survivors of sexual abuse and exploitation.  “Cracked Mirrors” has toured extensively in South East Asia and Europe, and wherever it shows, it leaves an indelible impact on all audiences.

History of Collaboration with the Philippine Law Enforcement

Stairway initiated collaborations with the Philippine Law Enforcement at different levels within the sector back in 2005. Our first memorandum of agreement was signed with the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) in 2007, after having conducted several trainings with them in 2006. Through recommendations within the ranks of the directors of the various training schools, we saw a steady increase in the demand for training over the following years.  In 2009 we gave training to police cadets and officers in 8 of the 17 schools nationwide.  From 2006-2009, we completed training sessions for a total of 4,504 law enforcers, including those in service and those still in training.  A breakdown of those trained each year shows how we gradually expanded the collaboration, as a result of recommendations from directors, who realized the relevance and the quality of the training we offered. :

  • 2006: 150 law enforcers
  • 2007: 427 law enforcers
  • 2008: 1,789 law enforcers
  • 2009: 2,138 law enforcers


In 2010, we had the heads of eight (8) of the Police National Training Institutes (PNTIs) gathered at Stairway for a consultation on the importance of including children’s rights workshops and trainings in the curriculum of the training institutes.  At the conclusion of the visit and after watching the animation Red Leaves Falling and the Cracked Mirrors performance, the National Director of PNTI expressed how he would like to see Stairway’s advocacy work available not only regionally, but nationally.  Following this visit, Stairway was officially endorsed as a national partner in conducting CSAP training for all of the police training schools around the country.

Moving Forward

With our new national partnership with the PNTI, we will be conducting CSAP trainings in 17 training schools nationwide. Each school will graduate 2 batches of cadets per year.  The approximate number of cadets to be trained per year is 13,000-16,000.  In continuation of the 2010 consultation at Stairway with the directors from 8 of the regional training schools, we will facilitate an annual consultation with all the directors of the 17 regional training schools. The consultations will include discussions and debate pertaining to child protection in relation to the training and curriculum at the PNTIs.

Our projected budget for the PNTI Partnership Project is around 1.15 million pesos per year.  The initial agreement with the Philippine Law Enforcement regarding this PNTI nationwide training runs for 3 years, representing a total budget of 3,475,287 pesos, or approximately 79,000$ US.

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