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Online Resources on Child Sexual Abuse and Sex Trafficking

Stairway Foundation, Inc. (SFI) is currently developing this online resource to provide dynamic and updated information on child rights advocacy and protection work. While this site is yet to be completed, you will find below links to SFI's original and republished articles and research papers to aid you as you conduct trainings and campaigns on the prevention of child sexual abuse and sex trafficking.

International and local instruments relevant to the promotion of children's rights  

Advocacy Animation

Actions and Campaigns

SFI Training Modules

Training Facilitation


Nature of Child Sex Trafficking

Child Sex Trafficking Victims

Child Sex Trafficking: Recruitment Tactics

Child Sex Trafficking: Schemes

Child Sex Trafficking: Exploiters

Child Prostitution

Sex Tourism Industry

Child Pornography


Nature of Child Sexual Abuse

Child Abuse Offenders

Strategy of Child Abuse Offenders

Effects of Child Sexual Abuse on Victims 

Handling Disclosures

Reporting an Abuse




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