US Peace Corps Response volunteer works with SFI’s Deaf partners in Cebu and Manila

US Peace Corp Response volunteer, Hailey Fox, works with Deaf partnersOctober 2011

U.S. Peace Corps Response volunteer, Hailey Fox, will be working on assistance and development of two separate Deaf empowerment NGOs, based in the municipalities of Cebu and Manila. The target organizations are GVSP of Cebu and SEADC of Metro Manila. Her main objective in this short-term assignment is to enable the NGO’s to become self-sustainable by training them in grant proposal writing and general establishment as an institution. Hailey will offer training in networking, fundraising, annual reporting and technical writing. Her second task is a review and analysis of the NGO’s long-term potential to develop the Deaf community and combat, among other issues, Deaf child sexual abuse.

By spending two months with each institution, she will be able to accompany them on a variety of deaf community development activities, such as International Day of the Deaf, Deaf Awareness Week, and a variety of CSAP trainings in schools and community centers. After analyzing both need and capacity, she will advise the institutions on the best means of soliciting long-term support and enabling their deaf communities to be self-sustaining.  To finalize her service, she will report to Stairway in order to determine the Deaf community’s potential level of participation in Child Sexual Abuse Prevention. 

Hailey has recently completed a two-year service in West Africa working on Deaf human rights.

Break the Silence Network expands its reach

2008A Partner Training November 2011

Since 2008, when Stairway first piloted a project of training selected NGOs on Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention, the goal has been to develop more organizations to serve as resource centers on CSAEP advocacy in order to reach out to more children, families and communities.

Stairway has pursued this initiative of continuously capacitating more NGOs and in the process forming the Break the Silence (BTS) Network that would create a larger advocacy impact against child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Early this year, the BTS Network began with 5 NGO partners and in the past 2 months, the BTS Network officially added 5 more NGO partners including 2 groups working particularly for Deaf children—a highly vulnerable sector.  With each additional NGO Partner bringing its own expertise, The BTS Network also enhances its quality as a network while expanding its membership size and geographical reach.

This month, the 1st batch of 5 NGO Partners (also called the “2008A Partners” since they all came from the 2008 pilot project) will start training 30 other NGOs whom they have selected to be part of the BTS Network. Soon, what started out as a group of 5 NGOs will eventually increase to 40 NGOs. 

Imagine all these NGOs doing massive advocacy campaigning and networking against child sexual abuse, on a nationwide scale. That is truly inspiring!

To view the map of the Break the Silence Network click on the link below.,121.508789&spn=12.285791,21.599121

Haunted Halloween-Stairway Style

October 2011

Last October 31, Stairway celebrated one of the most exciting holidays of the year—Halloween—with an all-out Halloween Hunt!  Mummies, ghouls, flying goblins, and witches created exciting thrills and fun surprises for the children. 

Thanks to everyone who made this Halloween a super memorable event!

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Stairway celebrates National Children’s Month

Children's MonthOctober 2011

The United Nations has declared October as Universal Children’s Month and in accordance, the Philippines, in Presidential Proclamation No. 267 dated September 30, 1993, observes October every year as National Children’s Month.  This year’s theme focused on the need to strengthen local bodies:  Local Council for the Protection of Children para sa Bright Child:  Pakilusin, Palakasin, Pagtulungan Natin!”  Stairway celebrated this special month of appreciation of our children with an entertaining show case of the children’s talents in poetry, art, music and gymnastics.

AngelNet partnership and training

September 2011

Ever since 2007, Stairway Foundation has been doing its Online Safety session in order to address the rising trend of child sexual abuse being perpetrated through the use of the Internet and other communication technologies. One of the main difficulties being encountered in the Online Safety sessions was the aspect of reporting. 

To address the issue of rising online abuse of children in the Philippines, the Philippine National Police initiated AngelNet, a policee task force, to handle online abuses against children.  Stairway Foundation has partnered with Project AngelNet and in line with this, we conducted an Online Safety training for AngelNet staff.  Later in November, Stairway will host a strategic planning session for the organization.

Break the Silence reaches Sangkhlaburi, Mae Sot and Pattaya, Thailand

Training in ThailandAugust 2011

Reaching out to 44 organizations from Sangkhlaburi, Mae Sot and Pattaya in Thailand, the Break the Silence trainings have again proven that child sexual abuse prevention crosses cultural and geographical boundaries.

Sangkhlaburi and Mae Sot are both border towns of Thailand and Myanmar, and as such, present their own vulnerabilities when it comes to the issue of child sexual abuse and trafficking. The trainings facilitated by members of Stairway’s CSAP team, have helped to equip the organizations working in the area to include child sexual abuse prevention in their own activities. The training in Pattaya was conducted for an orphanage/shelter operating in the area. Being a busy tourist town known for its famous “walking streets” filled with establishments offering “adult” entertainment, the BTS-CSAP training made participants aware that they can do something in order to build up the protective capacities of the children they work with.

Roedkilde students still going strong after 18 years of supporting Stairway Foundation

September 2011

Roedkilde Gymnasium is Stairway Foundation's oldest and best supporter. Every year since 1994, Roedkilde has taken a day out from school to raise funds for Stairway—with each year getting better and stronger.  Last September was no different.  With a turnout of more than 95% of the student body, Roedkilde raised 181,000 Kr through various activities such as, car washes, bake sales, running, cycling and computer marathons as well as discos and live gold, silver and bronze statues that bedecked the pedestrian street in downtown Vejle.  The funds raised by students from Roedkilde Gymnasium make up 10% of Stairway’s budget. 

Thank you, Roedkilde for your fast support!

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Stairway trains partners from Consuelo Foundation on CSAP

August 2011

Last August 15-17, Stairway trained a group of partners from Consuelo Foundation called CAPIN, Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention Networks.  A part of CAPIN's work is on advocacy for the prevention of child abuse.  Stairway's materials have long been used by the CAPIN networks, but to maximize their usage, Consuelo Foundation requested  training from Stairway on CSAP, the use of the BTS animation trilogy, online safety as well as an orientation on the anti-child pornography law.


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