Silang Network for Children lobbies for regulation of Internet Cafes for the protection of children

August 2011

The recent arrests of 72 people from 13 different countries, that included the Philippines, on charges of Internet child pornography, has further stressed the urgency  to safeguard children against a most unexpected and most horrifying crime.

The Silang Network for Children, a local network of child rights advocates trained under SFI, is lobbying for regulation of Internet Cafes for the protection of children. 

The draft ordinance in Silang, Cavite is on the regulation of Internet Cafes for the protection of children with regards to exposure to pornography, usage of children in the production of child pornography, access to any form of pornography and gambling inside the Internet cafes.The ordinance is in support of RA 9775 or the anti-child pornography law, which has a specific provision on the regulation of Internet café’s by local government units.

Deaf Advocacy Group learns Forum Theatre

August 2011

Imagine yelling “Stop!” in the middle of a theatre performance, getting up from your seat in the audience and making your way down to the stage, replacing the protagonist and changing the course or the outcome of the play?  This is the innovative theatre technique pioneered by Augusto Boal, a Brazilian dramatist who developed the techniques of Theatre of the Oppressed.

Gualandi Volunteer Services Project (GVSP) from Cebu City and NGO Support and Empower Deaf Abused Children (SEDAC) from Metro Manila are 2 of the latest partners under the Break the Silence Network.  Both organizations work with and partly consist of Deaf people, and they all can vouch for the urgent need to create awareness on the issue of sexual abuse and exploitation amongst Deaf children.

Last July 1-3, Deaf and hearing participants from GVSP and SEDAC participated in a three-day intensive theatre workshop that explored Forum Theatre technique.  Initially beginning with exercises and games aimed at activating the five senses and creating an atmosphere of trust, fun and creativity, the objective was to create a couple of pieces of theatre derived from the experiences of the participants of which an oppression or a problem is the focus.  The last day resulted in a presentation of two devised theatre pieces in which audience members took an active part.  Performing for the first time on stage, the Deaf experienced a profound new way of expressing issues confronting the Deaf community.


Claus Abildgaard, Stairway Denmark, Lars C. Jorgensen, executive director, SFI and General  Chuck Guinto, PNPAugust 2011

Throughout the year, Stairway welcomes visitors from all over the world.  Some become friends and supporters of Stairway, others may come to learn, to exchange knowledge and skills, or to gain inspiration from our programs and activities.

Last June, Tim Garrish and Gabrielle Shaw from the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) visited Stairway Foundation.  CEOP is an organization based in England. With a wide network of partners and supporters, CEOP is committed to the protection of children and bringing offenders to justice. In July, board members from Stairway Denmark, Tune Nyborg (chairman), Claus Abilgaard  (fund raiser) and Nils Vilsboel (secretary) visited Stairway for ten days.  Stairway Denmark is the sister organization of Stairway Foundation.  Since Stairway's inception, Stairway Denmark has raised funds to help support and to sustain Stairway's programs and activities. 

Also, in July, General Chuck Guinto, the head of the Human Rights Department under the Philippine National Police (PNP), dropped by Stairway while visiting various provincial police stations around Mindoro.   Stairway has a national partnership with the Police National Training Institute (PNTI) in which we conduct CSAP trainings in 17 training schools nationwide.

Singapore American School donates 85 computers to Stairway and our partners

August 2011

Last school year, Singapore American School donated 85 computers, monitors and keyboards to help promote the rights of children in the Philippines.  After months of working tirelessly to get through the bureaucratic red tape, the computers have finally arrived!

On May 30th, 2011 SFI handed over computers to 35 police precincts in Metro Manila.  These computers will be placed in the Women and Children Protection Desks to be used as a much needed technical resource in handling the daily workload of the Women and Children Protection Desks.

During the ceremony at the Philippine National Police National Capital Region(PNP NCR) headquarters, SFI director, Lars Jorgensen, stressed the importance of investing into the protection of women and children to promote and support the country’s development.  While some of the computers will be used in Stairway's IT training and in the Puerto Galera and Manila offices, a majority of them will be donated to other SFI partners, government and non-government. All will be in positions where they will benefit children in need. 

Thank you, Singapore American School, Stairway Club, and others who have invested time and effort in this worthwhile endeavour.

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Treasure Hunt: A great way to teach children about their rights

Treasure Hunt 2011August 2011

"Fight for children's rights!"  bellowed Stairway kids as they embarked on an incredible fantasy adventure through Stairway in search of hidden treasure. 

August is usually fiiled with lots and lots of rain, but that did not discourage Stairway children from designing and creating their elaboate costumes and bold flags for the annual treasure hunt.  Filled with fanciful posts manned by Stairway staff donned in crazy costumes, Stairway children overcame  their challenges and emerged the crowned victors of children's rights!

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A new smile, a new taste, a new voice

John Mark, age 13August 2011

On June 11th one of the boys in Stairway Foundation’s residential program was admitted into the operating room at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Manila.  After 10 years of living with a locked jaw that prevented him from speaking clearly or chewing his food, JM (not his real name) underwent a life transforming operation. World-renowned cranio-maxillofacial surgeon Professor Lim Kwong Cheung, BDS, PhD, from Hong Kong, performed the 3-hour operation with the help of a qualified team of Filipino surgeons from various hospitals across Manila.

New Kids in Stairway: Confinement is never an option for children

August 2011

It is a sad reality that children are locked away for trying to escape the harsh realities of surviving in the streets by sniffing solvents. Huge pick-up trucks with built-in cages trawl the city streets at various hours of the day to remove the homeless, the mentally challenged, the old and the sick.  Amongst these indigents are children, who are taken to detention centers where they are confined for indefinite amounts of time.  With overcrowding, little food, sparse medical and health care, few activities, and rampant abuse, these centers are unbefitting for anyone especially the children. 

Last June, Stairway received a new batch of children from the detention centers of Manila.  Enveloped in pristine surroundings of ocean and mountains, these young boys ages (10-13) will undergo Stairway’s 10-month recovery and rehabilitation program.  Their days will be filled with stimulating activities aimed at developing and inspiring the whole child.  The children will undergo basic academic classes, counseling, personal/spiritual development sessions, livelihood skills training, arts and crafts, creative expressions, sports, and cultural activities. 

The Stairway Family welcomes Batch 2011-2012 into its community!  We look forward to an exciting and successful year!

Moving Up Ceremony 2011

Moving UpMay 2011

Another year is over and another group of amazing kids has past successfully through Stairway's program. 

Last April 6, SFI staff, volunteers and friends celebrated the accomplishments of the 2011 graduating batch in a beautiful and emotional Moving Up ceremony.  Colorfully presented, the Stairway kids showed off their talents, smiles and appreciation for having been a part of a great journey.

We wish you all the very best!

Your Stairway Family

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CSAEP reaches Deaf Children

CSAEP reaches Deaf Children May 2011

On average, deaf children are exceedingly more vulnerable to sexual abuse than hearing children.  Further, the institutions mandated to deal with child sexual abuse cases are poorly equipped to handle cases involving Deaf children.  Moreover, advocacy materials on child protection addressing Deaf children are practically non-existent.  The above mentioned facts have propelled Stairway to extend our advocacy efforts to the Deaf community putting special attention on the protection of Deaf children.

With the help of De La Salle College of Saint Benilde - School for Deaf Education and Applied Studies, as well as the US Peace Corp, we have now provided our CSAEP animation toolkits with sign language video insets.  This undertaking represents a huge leap forward in terms of investing in protection of a particularly vulnerable minority of special children with physical challenges.  This monumental development will not only benefit Deaf children in the Philippines, but it will surely spread to other parts of the South- and Southeast Asian Region.  Read more...

Break the Silence!

Stairway kids use summer months to hone livelihood skills

Stairway kids learn baking skillsMay 2011

Aside from participating in the on-going summer activities happening in Stairway, children who will remain in the residential program for another term will participate in various livelihood skills training activities, such as baking, gardening, marketing, as well as sharping their academic skills with daily tutorials in math and reading.

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Students from Korea visit Stairway

Youth for ChangeMay 2011

Stairway's Youth for Change Camp program extends back to when we first performed "Goldtooth, a Street Children's Musical" at the International School Manila (ISM) in 1999. 

As a result, the first students and teachers from ISM's annual ICARE program made their way to Stairway to be a part of our Youth for Change Camps.  Making a deep and lasting impact on both teachers and students, the program began to grow.  This year, three new schools joined the growing list of international schools participating in the Youth for Change Camps:  International School Bombay, Roedkilde Gymnasium from Denmark and most recently, Taejon Christian School from Korea

Stairway Foundation would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have been instrumental in making the camps the best they can be and especially in helping to make a lasting difference in the lives of others.  Learn more...

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