Stairway trains partners from Consuelo Foundation on CSAP

August 2011

Last August 15-17, Stairway trained a group of partners from Consuelo Foundation called CAPIN, Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention Networks.  A part of CAPIN's work is on advocacy for the prevention of child abuse.  Stairway's materials have long been used by the CAPIN networks, but to maximize their usage, Consuelo Foundation requested  training from Stairway on CSAP, the use of the BTS animation trilogy, online safety as well as an orientation on the anti-child pornography law.


New president of Stairway Denmark

Tune Nyborg, new chairman of Stairway DenmarkAugust 2011

Last June, Stairway Denmark, Stairway's sister organization, elected Tune Nyborg, chairman of the board.  Tune, a journalist by profession and long-time member of the board of SDK, will take over tasks from Soren Sorensen, who served as chairman for the past 5 years.  Thank you, Soren and welcome, Tune!


Baclayan Community Development Project

August 2011

Stairway erected a new building in the local Iraya community of Baclayan.  A 30-minute drive from SFI, the new structure will serve as a camp house for Stairway children, groups and partner organizations.  The new camp house will also serve as a learning and resource center for the local indigenous women and children.

Manila Office

August 2011

Break the Silence, Stairway's advocacy program has reached every region of the country with its trainings and workshops. To better accomodate the expanding progrm and to have better access to partners, we moved the Break the Silence office from Mindoro to Manila.  The new office is located is located at the Aguinaldo International School (AIS) 


Child Friendly Spaces

Child Friendly SpaceAugust 2011

Ideally, the Women and Children Protection Desks should be the structure for addressing all abuses of women and children.  The staff under the WCPD should have the appropriate knowledge, skills and attitude in order to cater to victims of abuse.  In addition, they should have the necessary facilities in order to provide a safe environment for communicating with victims.  Not all police stations have a separate WCPD room, or even a separate space allocated to them.  The minimum privacy required to establish an atmosphere of trust and calm is rarely there. 

Since last June, Stairway began work in various precincts around Metro Manila. Based on recommendations from the chief of the National Capital Region WCPD, 15 precincts have been chosen as pilot sites for the project.  The main criterion is that the precinct should have a separate room for the WCPD Officer and the that the Chief Commander and the head of the WCPD at the station commit to the totality of this project.  We hope to complete the 15 stations targeted within 2011.

Stairway Staff undergoes first aid training

Stairway Peer Motivator pratices CPRAugust 2011

Last May 25-26, Stairway staff and peer motivators attended a two-day training session about First Aid and Basic Life Support.  Conducted by Calapan City Philippine National Red Cross, the training included: recognizing cardiac arrest, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (cpr), discussion of common diseases and injuries along with the applicable first aid treatment for each condition.  Participants did simulation exercises and were given a practical examination to test knowledge and skills.

"We should not judge other people and discriminate them."-Stairway Scholar

Leadership Camp 2011August 2011

On May 21-24, 2011, Stairway Foundation, Inc. hosted the first Leadership Skills Camp for 25 of the local scholarship students. The camp, entitled, “My Right to be a Leader,” focused on teaching our high school scholars about discrimination, children’s rights and leadership skills. The campers came from three different Barangays, and this was the first time that many of the ethnic Tagalog students had interacted closely with youth from the indigenous Mangyan tribe. They were split into four teams and Barangays were mixed, thus challenging the campers to work with new people from different backgrounds. 

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Stairway Scholars return to school

August 2011

In existance since 1994, the Stairway Scholarship Program has supported hundreds of  students from the various barangays around Puerto Galera.

At the General Assembly held last June 5, Stairway distributed school supplies to 102 scholars under its Community Scholarship Program.  Recently, Stairway expanded its program into Barangay Baclayan, a small mountain community of indigenous people, the Iraya Mangyans.  From this community, four indigenous students were awarded full scholarships under the program.  The scholarships cover:  tuition fees, food allowances, project fees and uniforms.

Silang Network for Children lobbies for regulation of Internet Cafes for the protection of children

August 2011

The recent arrests of 72 people from 13 different countries, that included the Philippines, on charges of Internet child pornography, has further stressed the urgency  to safeguard children against a most unexpected and most horrifying crime.

The Silang Network for Children, a local network of child rights advocates trained under SFI, is lobbying for regulation of Internet Cafes for the protection of children. 

The draft ordinance in Silang, Cavite is on the regulation of Internet Cafes for the protection of children with regards to exposure to pornography, usage of children in the production of child pornography, access to any form of pornography and gambling inside the Internet cafes.The ordinance is in support of RA 9775 or the anti-child pornography law, which has a specific provision on the regulation of Internet café’s by local government units.

Deaf Advocacy Group learns Forum Theatre

August 2011

Imagine yelling “Stop!” in the middle of a theatre performance, getting up from your seat in the audience and making your way down to the stage, replacing the protagonist and changing the course or the outcome of the play?  This is the innovative theatre technique pioneered by Augusto Boal, a Brazilian dramatist who developed the techniques of Theatre of the Oppressed.

Gualandi Volunteer Services Project (GVSP) from Cebu City and NGO Support and Empower Deaf Abused Children (SEDAC) from Metro Manila are 2 of the latest partners under the Break the Silence Network.  Both organizations work with and partly consist of Deaf people, and they all can vouch for the urgent need to create awareness on the issue of sexual abuse and exploitation amongst Deaf children.

Last July 1-3, Deaf and hearing participants from GVSP and SEDAC participated in a three-day intensive theatre workshop that explored Forum Theatre technique.  Initially beginning with exercises and games aimed at activating the five senses and creating an atmosphere of trust, fun and creativity, the objective was to create a couple of pieces of theatre derived from the experiences of the participants of which an oppression or a problem is the focus.  The last day resulted in a presentation of two devised theatre pieces in which audience members took an active part.  Performing for the first time on stage, the Deaf experienced a profound new way of expressing issues confronting the Deaf community.

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