SFI Scholars Graduate

March 2012

Congratulations to SFI Graduating Scholars of 2011-2012

This year’s graduating scholars consisted of 22 high school students and 9 college students.  Most of these students, SFI has supported since grade school.  Of the high school graduates, one student, Jenny Rose, graduated 5th in her graduating class.  Two other SFI scholars, Rochelle Bercasio and Monet Santoyas received scholarships to De La Salle University partly sponsored by ECPAT Philippines.

16 child friendly spaces and a counseling room

April 2012

Hauling a jeepney full of toys, books, art materials, fabric, furniture, paints and other assorted supplies around Metro Manila was quite a task for Birgit Lind, who is a board member of Stairway Denmark, and volunteer in Stairway Foundation.  Assisted by SFI employees, Jhao Guttierrez and Jorimar Agbing, the three person team managed to complete in seven days, child friendly spaces in 16  police stations around Metro Manila, as well as SFI's new counseling room located in the Manila office. 

Since 2007, Stairway began to forge a strong relationship with the National Women and Children's Police Desk office with agreements on capacity building as well as the development of child friendly spaces with the WCPD stations. 


Panimula-new beginnings

April 2012

Another batch of children has graduated from Stairway’s Residential Program.  We celebrated this momentous occasion with poetry, song and words of wisdom.  Over the past months, we have witnessed amazing transformations in the children that went beyond all expectations.  All have become well balanced children with very positive and healthy outlooks on life, and all are prepared for a new beginning outside of Stairway. 

Still smiling after all of these years

April 2012

Children who live with physical, sensory, intellectual or mental health disability are among the most stigmatized and marginalized of all of the world’s children.  For three lucky young men, though, this is not their reality thanks to centers like Elsie Gaches Village, an organization which provides care and rehabilitation to children and young people with special needs.  Jack, Totoy and Henry are residents from Elsie Gaches Village and what is particularly special about them is that they have been coming to Stairway Foundation every year for the past 20 years!

Building confidence through sailing

April 2012

After early Sunday morning football practice, the Stairway children spend the remainder of the day sailing at the Puerto Galera Yacht Club's Youth Dinghy Program.    About 30 children in all show up eager to learn this fascinating and challenging water sport. Donned in bright yellow life vests and lots of sunblock, they rig-up their Optimist and Lawin dinghies and set out sailing.

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Arts for Empowerment

April 2012

How often do former street children get to learn ballet, hip-hop, pop, yoga, and rope dancing all in the same day?  Well, six performing arts teachers from Viva Circus, founded by Vivian Lee and Jerry Snell, have travelled from various places in the world to join Stairway Foundation summer Youth for Change Camps. They will be part of a total of 4 camps, reaching out to a total of 100 children from the streets, deaf children, indigenous children from Mindoro and Stairway scholars.

The camps will incorporate children’s rights, circus arts, acrobatics, rope dancing, yoga, ballet, and hip hop.  At the end of each camp, the children will create their own performance pieces. Equipping street  and at-risk children with knowledge and skills-particularly in the arts- can inspire and empower them to create and think up new ways in which they can get actively involved in social issues that concern them.

When there is not enough to eat, school can quickly become an afterthought.-- Unicef

February 2012

Last June, about 132 children enrolled  at the local school in Baclayan, a small mountain community consisting of Iraya Mangyans. However, the average attendance rate was anywhere between 20-30 students.  A needs analysis revealed that the main reason for the children's absence was hunger. 

With active participation from the parents, Stairway's Community Assistance Program now prepares and serves a nutritious meal for the students everyday. School attendance has more than tripled and the students are more alert and ready to learn. 

Stairway Kids create storybook wonders

Storybook written and illustrated by DionisioFebruary 2012

One of the best forms of assessing children’s learning is through creative writing.

Children get excited about school when classes are engaging and active.  In Stairway, we encourage the children to think creatively and endeavor to stimulate them and to spark their imaginations through a variety of creative activities.  One such activity was a two-week creative writing session led by SFI educator, Jasmin Punio. The outcome of the two-week session was a set of 12 beautifully illustrated storybooks all written by the children themselves.  To round off the session, the children brought their stories to life through the magic of puppetry.

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