Stairway farm recieves 4 new greenhouses

February 2015

The idea of growing bundles of fresh vegetables in an all organic fashion is very appealing, and the products we have been able to harvest and consume from our small organic farm project in Baclayan have been a valuable and delightful addition to our meals here at Stairway, and even more so at the local school feeding program in the mountain village.

However, the conditions for nurturing these beautiful nutritious plants to mature size can be extremely challenging.  

Stairway opens new training center

February 2015

As Break the Silence trainings become more known, the demand for trainings has grown significantly, thus was the need to upgrade the former terrace/training room above the admin building into a construction that could accommodate the growing demand for trainings. 

From terrace to air-conditioned training facility complete with up-to-date audio/visual equipment, Stairway celebrated the opening of the new training facility with a ribbon cutting ceremony.  In attendance were, Attorney Albert Muyot, the Undersecretary for Legislative and Legal Affairs from the Department of Education, along with 30 DepEd curriculum writers and two representatives from the United Kingdom National Crime Agency-Child Exploitation and Online Protection (NCA-CEOP), Nicole Hawkins and Jonathan Bagalley.   View images

Youth for Change Camps-a life changing experience

February 2015

International students have been attending the Youth for Change Camps since 2000 .  Young people leave the camps transformed, enlightened and inspired.  Read what they have to say:

I come away from my stay at Stairway feeling gratitude to Kuya Lars, Atte Monica, Stairway staff, and of course the stairway boys for undertaking such a positive project. I come away feeling hope that such an incredible project can be achieved. Stairway is one of those experiences that you can call game/life changing (and I was only here for five days). My experiences with the stairway boys and Baclayan scholars have been more fun than I can remember for a long time.- Qasim, Harvard student

View images

Sea Adventure School off to a promising voyage

February 2015

Stairway’s new ship is back on the waves after a serious overhaul.  With a generous donation from Sonion Corporate Social Responsibility Fund, the Sea Adventure School (SAS) sails again. The SAS is aims at raising Environmental awareness among the local children and youth and teach them to responsible action for this town’s gorgeous bay and beaches in the Puerto Galera area.

The SAS program invites local high school students to spend a full day at sea and introduces them to the fascinating and fragile marine environment in three specific areas: the sea grass clusters, the mangrove forests and the coral reefs. All of which are in danger of destruction because of neglect and ignorance among tourists as well as local residents.  View images

De-licing campaign for Baclayan children

February 2015

As a part of the Stairway community health program in Baclayan, 6 Stairway volunteers and 2 local health workers have implemented a delousing campaign for students in the Baclayan school.

Since a couple of years Stairway has offered a bi-weekly medical clinic in the mountain village Baclayan, where we support the local school with a feeding program.  The health initiative is supported by our local friend, Dr. Francis, who volunteer his service at the clinic, which for the meantime is located in a room at the Stairway farm house.  The number of patients consulting the clinic on most of the days that we are there verify the need for first aid and medical attention to a  growing village population.  During our first years in Baclayan, before we introduced the clinic, we had several emergency calls, where we had to bring several children to the hospital for emergency intervention.  For the past 2 years we have had none, so it seems that being able to treat most ailments at an early stage usually prevents them from developing into major health issues, which can end up becoming life threatening.  View images

Online safety curriculum development in Stairway

February 2015

Part of Stairway’s child protection advocacy includes the aspect of Online (Internet) Child Protection.  

For years we have been reaching out to thousands of children and youth through trainings facilitated at numerous schools around the country.  Recognizing the urgency in reaching as many children as possible within the shortest possible time, the optimal approach is to include the topic into the school curriculum.

Safer Internet Day 2015

February 2015

The Philippine SID committee headed by Stairway Foundation, celebrated SID 2015 in the Philippines by conducting an Online Safety Caravan in Juan Sumulong High School, in Quezon City last February 10, 2015. Through Stairway’s Break the Silence campaign - a campaign for the prevention of child sexual abuse – the School Online Safety Caravan reached out to students with an Online Safety session, with the aim of equipping students themselves to pass on Online Safety messages to their fellow students.

Stairway 25th Anniversary

2015 means 25 years of Stairway!  Our 25th anniversary is a milestone in what has been an amazingly colorful journey that has taught us much about the beauty and the needs of some of the most marginalized and endangered children in our world.  A journey which at times has exposed us to some of the darkest sides of human doings, and which the next moment has restored a sense of balance by gratifying us with friendship and support from some of the most beautiful people we could possibly imagine.

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