Sea Adventure School opens children's eyes to a new world

June 2014

"I enjoyed the snorkeling because I could see the coral clearly with the use of the snorkels and I can also see fish that I didn't see in my entire life, not only fish but also other creatures under the sea."

Last May 15th, Stairway launched its Sea Adventure School (SAS).  It is one of the components of our latest program called Environmental Awareness for Children and Youth (EACY).  Sailing twice a week throughout the month of May, children from the local community explored the mangroves, sea grass and coral reefs, and they learned about the beauty and importance of our marine ecosystems.

Reef-World Foundation developed the games, materials and provided the educators for the sea adventure trips. 

A special thanks to Fiona Childs, Stairway volunteers and local volunteers, for opening the children’s eyes to a new world.

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SFI kids complete Family Home Program

June 2014

We have completed another cycle for another group of children who successfully completed SFI's Family Home Program. Last May 30, Stairway boys gave a wonderful ceremony where they displayed their exceptional talents in music, art and dance.  In the course of the Moving on Ceremony, the boys were given backpacks filled with books and school/art supplies, as well as a photo album of their highlights in Stairway.  The ceremony concluded with a very touching music performance of the song, "Lean on Me."

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Click here to view what the boys had to say about their stay in Stairway.

Beyond my dreams

June 2014

Below is an inspirational story about a former street child named Daniel who will attend the Robert Bosch United World College in Germany.

When Daniel was eight years old he lived alone on the streets of Manila, selling flowers for a living. He did not attend school and often had no money to feed himself. Thankfully after a year or so he was found by a street educator from Child Hope Asia, who guided him through the dark nights. Daniel learnt that by focusing on positives  it is possible to change your life, and so he did. 

To read the complete story, please click here.

Thank you to our partners:  Childhope Asia Philippines, Kids in Action and Aguinaldo International School for helping Daniel to achieve his dreams.

Circus arts wow street children

June 2014

A life on the streets doesn't offer much opportunity for play and recreation.  Soeren, a Social Work practicum student at Stairway, took his circus talent and sack of props to the streets of Manila to the delight of children of all ages.  The Stairway boys had helped Soeren make 150 juggling balls that were all left behind for the Manila kids to play on.  

Soeren is a Danish social worker student doing a 6 months practicum at Stairway. He is also an active circus practitioner, which he has used in his work with the children here at Stairway.  Soeren expresses how impressed he is with the Stairway children. “They are curious, unafraid to make mistakes, focused, and they have picked up the circus skills very fast,” he says.  Click here to view images

Dolls from IKEA used in child protection work

June 2014

Anatomically correct dolls are routinely used in interviews of young children suspected of having been abused.

In our efforts to support the Philippine National Police Women's and Children's Desk in their work to protect children against abuse and exploitation, SFI prevailed upon IKEA to redesign their dolls and make them anatomically correct.

Last June 25th, thirty-four Women and Children Police Department (WCPD) Chiefs and Officers from sixteen regions of the Philippines gathered at SFI for a three day Regional Training on Child Protection Policy for the Philippines National Police (PNP).  Leading the delegation was Police Chief Superintendent, Juanita Nebran, Chief of the Women and Children Protection.  The highlight of the training was the turning-over of thirty-two anatomically correct dolls to the WCPD and the representatives of the WCPD regional offices.  Another turning over ceremony of the IKEA dolls will be held in July for region 4B and Metro Manila. 

Many thanks go out to Annie Hulden, designer and illustrator of the dolls, and Maria Thörn, Product Development Manager for Children's IKEA.

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Record breaking number of scholars in SFI's scholarship program

June 2014

Thanks to substantial support from Firetree Foundation and Lauritzen Fonden, we have now expanded our Educational Assistance Program to include more than 170 deserving families.  The funds support students in elementary, high school, college and vocational school.

May 31, 2014, the sun was stretching its long arms over the clear blue sky; however, summer vacation break would soon end for most of the students in the country. On this sunny Saturday afternoon, two days before classes commence nationwide, a total of 300 scholars and parents flocked at the Stairway Center for the annual general assembly and orientation of the scholarship program.

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Staff Day 2014

June 2014

Staff Day 2014 was a nice respite from work and a great opportunity to bring colleagues together from near and far to reconnect. Boarding Stairway's new boat, Berge Apo SAS, the Stairway team, including children and volunteers, spent time at the beautiful white sand Haligi Beach, swimming, snorkeling, exploring, and picnicking.  After a wonderfully relaxing day, we all boarded the boat again to sail back to Stairway as the golden sun slipped slowly beneath the sea.

Thanks to all for a great day.

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Activities flourish in Stairway

March 2014

The past months have been chocked full of wonderful activities for Stairway kids.  From January through February, the children participated in various Youth for Change Camps, while also balancing academics, yoga, football, sailing and learning circus arts.  In early March, they attended the 4th annual Malisimbo Music and Arts Festival. And a few days later, they attended a thrilling shark workshop facilitated by Green Fins, a marine education conservation group who promotes environmentally responsible diving and snorkelling.  Click to view images.

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