Record breaking number of scholars in SFI's scholarship program

June 2014

Thanks to substantial support from Firetree Foundation and Lauritzen Fonden, we have now expanded our Educational Assistance Program to include more than 170 deserving families.  The funds support students in elementary, high school, college and vocational school.

May 31, 2014, the sun was stretching its long arms over the clear blue sky; however, summer vacation break would soon end for most of the students in the country. On this sunny Saturday afternoon, two days before classes commence nationwide, a total of 300 scholars and parents flocked at the Stairway Center for the annual general assembly and orientation of the scholarship program.

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Staff Day 2014

June 2014

Staff Day 2014 was a nice respite from work and a great opportunity to bring colleagues together from near and far to reconnect. Boarding Stairway's new boat, Berge Apo SAS, the Stairway team, including children and volunteers, spent time at the beautiful white sand Haligi Beach, swimming, snorkeling, exploring, and picnicking.  After a wonderfully relaxing day, we all boarded the boat again to sail back to Stairway as the golden sun slipped slowly beneath the sea.

Thanks to all for a great day.

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Activities flourish in Stairway

March 2014

The past months have been chocked full of wonderful activities for Stairway kids.  From January through February, the children participated in various Youth for Change Camps, while also balancing academics, yoga, football, sailing and learning circus arts.  In early March, they attended the 4th annual Malisimbo Music and Arts Festival. And a few days later, they attended a thrilling shark workshop facilitated by Green Fins, a marine education conservation group who promotes environmentally responsible diving and snorkelling.  Click to view images.

Youth for Change-a beautiful mosaic of humanity

March 2014

Each year in our Youth for Change Camps, we host a diverse group of students hailing from various ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.  Throughout the 4-5 day period, working over the theme of human rights, we witness the creation of a beautiful mosaic of humanity in which the whole outshines the individual.

View photos from the Youth for Change Camps 2014.

Read the poem:  Thank God I met you, brother by Nikil Sinha, SAS

Health, hygiene and education II

March 2014

We were expecting around 15 to 20 patients, but 3 times that number showed up for the first medical consultation we held at our Baclayan Camp House early last February.  The complaints ranged from diarrhea, dizziness, cough, colds and other conditions that were easily treatable, but with cases of serious infections and tuberculosis along the line.  Under nourishment, vitamin deficiency and dehydration were the most prevalent triggers to the ailments presented.

Safer Internet Day 2014: Let's create a better internet together

March 2014

Local advocacy for online safety among school children in Puerto Galera, Mindoro Oriental in the Philippines peaked during the worldwide celebration “Safer Internet Day” (SID) last February 11, 2014. The worldwide call “Let’s create a better internet together” reverberated along the campus halls of three local schools here: the Aninuan Elementary School, the San Isidro Elementary School and the Puerto Galera National High School – San Isidro Annex.  View images

Breaking the silence

March 2014

The fight against child sexual abuse and sexual exploitation has no rest—at least not for the amazing people involved in the Break the Silence project.  SFI advocacy officers, Nancy Agaid and Ace Diloy, along with Grace Estaban, project coordinator of the Break the Silence project, travel throughout the Philippines and the world facilitating trainings, giving presentations, and participating in a variety of forums.  The results of such hard work and dedication become manifest in organizations like Guanlandi Volunteer Service Programme (GSVP), who recently won the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations award for GSVP’s “Break the Silence’ project which gives a voice to deaf victims of physical and sexual abuse. 

Stairway wins Tabersagen

March 2014

Congratulations Stairway Denmark for winning the finals on Tabersagen, a Danish television series.  It is a kind of X-Factor for NGOs that compete for who has the most important “tabersag” or “loser case.”  Claus Abildgaard, Stairway Danmark’s fundraiser, represented Stairway in the competition.

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