Child Friendly Spaces add a ray of hope in Manila police stations

November 2012

Stairway’s commitment to train Philippine National Police on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention was the start of a journey that would eventually lead to the creation of Child Friendly Spaces in 10 stations across Manila. 

As the children prepared for the annual Children’s Month celebration, three members of Stairway staff also prepared for their trip to Manila, for the installation of Child Friendly Spaces in 10 police stations.  They were well aware from past experience that preparation was not exclusive to collating materials and purchasing the necessary tools; the team also needed time to prepare emotionally and physically for their 10-day assignment.  For Birgit, a Stairway Board Member and an international volunteer for over 11 years, this journey would encompass a different meaning to Joemar, the House Father of the Residential Program and also to Jhao, a former street child and strong advocate for Children’s Rights.  Click to view images.

Former Stairway Kid returns to Stairway to give back

November 2012

Philip Mondragon, is a handsome 19 year old with wavy hair, a pleasant smile and a penchant for football.  A former street child who suffered many hardships, Philip came to Stairway to be treated for tuberculosis in 2007.  Now in great health, Philip has returned to Stairway to give back.

Seated in a circle on the stage, the Stairway children listen intently as Philip recounts his experiences of growing up in the streets:  “I was separated from my mom when I was very young.  I lived with my father.  When my father passed away I lived with my Uncle who had nine children.

Stairway strengthens ties with PNPA

Lars C. Jorgensen, Executive Director, SFI with General Chuck Guinto, PNPANovember 2012

Last September, in an elaborate ceremony, Lars C. Jorgensen, Executive Director of SFI, and General Chuck Guinto of the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) signed an Agreement of Collaboration to ensure that all graduating cadets from the Academy will have undergone training in Children’s Rights and Child Sexual Abuse Prevention. 

Stairway has worked many years with children who used to live on the streets, and in the process, we have learned (through the children’s testimonies) that the law enforcement needs intense improvement in its dealings with street children. In light of this, SFI deemed it important to try and extend our advocacy work into the ranks of the Philippine National Police (PNP).  Click to view images

Cyber-Crime Prevention Act of 2012 is now law

September 2012

“The Philippine government has recently signed into law Republic act 10175 or the cyber-crime prevention act of 2012. Download a copy of the law and study its provisions which can be useful for the protection of children!”

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Former street children help to educate police cadets

July 2012

Lack of food and a decent place to eat are the main concerns of children living in the street according to former street children in Stairway's Residential Program.  When asked by the children how they perceive police officers their comments were as follow:  "They are arrogant becasue they have guns."  "They exploit street children by using them to extort money."

Since late July, former street children, who are now Peer Motivators in Stairway's Residential Program, have taken on their roles as child advocates.  An unprecedentd move, the Peer Motivators are helping to educate future police officers from the Philippine National Police Academy.  During the 2-day visit, the cadets learn first-hand about the lives of street children, the issues they are confronted with, as well as their relationship with the polce and how they perceive them.

A game of Hide and Seek leads a child to Stairway

Jolo, 10, at the beach in StairwayJune 2012

Hide and Seek is a game that all children enjoy playing.  Everyone hides while whoever is the “It” tries to seek them out.  It was simple enough to play, but not for 10 year old Jolo, who one day played the innocent game with his siblings in an ironic twist of fate… 

He was the “It.”  He counted to ten and went to seek them out.  He looked in bushes and behind tree trunks, but he could not find anyone.  “They are really good hiders,” he thought and continued looking until finally he got tired and gave up.  A strand of fear wove its way through his young mind, worried, he ran back to his house thinking he would find them there.  But when he arrived, the door was bolted shut.  He knocked and no one answered.  He cried and went away. 

Jolo is the smallest, the youngest, and the one with the biggest smile of the entire batch of new kids who was accepted in Stairway’s Residential Program.

Updates from the Advocacy and Capacity Building Team of Stairway

July 2012

The first half of 2012 has been quite active for the staff of the Advocacy and Capacity Building Team of Stairway.  Since that time, the team has directly reached 9,163 persons with direct CRC/CSAP sessions. These include police officers and recruits, government and NGO social workers and social development workers, people from the community including parents and Barangay officials, teachers from public and private schools as well as children. This number also includes trainings in South East Asia (Thailand and Malaysia) through the Break the Silence Campaign.

Break the Silence: Reflection on the Animation, Daughter

June 2012

Stairway began developing the Daughter animation in 2001.  The purpose for creating such an animation was to address the issue of child sexual abuse in an innovative and non-threatening way that could transcend cultural and language barriers.  Since that time thousands have watched the Daughter animation through our Break the Silence trainings not only here in the Philippines but also in other countries like:  Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand.  Through these trainings many have been compelled to share their own stories of sexual abuse and to pick up the cudgel to fight against it in all of its forms.

Last June 20, Ace Diloy, one of the senior trainers of the CSAP team, gave a training in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  After the training, a participant sent a reflection on the Daughter animation and how it affected her.

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