Advocacy Theater


Advocacy Theater

Ever since the foundation of Stairway in the early 90's, theatre has been one of our key advocacy vehicles. Not only a powerful form of communication, theatre also serves as an effective healing device for youth who have been a part of this organization.

While Stairway addresses the more technical aspects of children's rights issues and imparts specific skills for battling child rights violations, TASK (Talented Ambitious Street Kids) allows audiences the opportunity to see the human face of the problem. The stories told on stage and the emotions experienced by audiences simultaneously enlighten and demystify. Children traditionally labeled as either victims or misfits are now seen as hopeful, resourceful, resilient, dramatic and comedic human beings. In dealing with child sexual abuse through performing arts, the silence surrounding the issue is powerfully confronted, and the long lasting embargo on action is broken.

Currently, Stairway is running Cracked Mirrors, a performance depicting different facets of sexual abuse and its effects on children. And just like the performers, the stories are real.


Cracked Mirrors, Stories of Child Sexual Abuse

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