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Youth For Change Camps

Stairway hosts camps for children and youth who want a meaningful life experience. As they interact with those staying in Stairway and in the community, they will be given a chance to appreciate how other children live. They will learn about their rights and issues affecting children, and hear first-hand how those who have been denied everything have enough resiliency to survive and change their lives for the better.

The learnings are not all cognitive. The participants also enjoy lots of fun activities together, from playing group games, to making arts and handicrafts, holding non-competitive races in kayaking and swimming, learning how to communicate without relying on their verbal skills, and how to relate with a variety of people with backgrounds radically different from what they have been accustomed to.

Stairway believes in and lives the principle of equality for all children. We hope that through our Youth for Change Camps, children and youth participants will be able to realize this, not only cognitively, but experientially as well.

Become part of a growing group of young people from schools from around the world who want to make a difference in the lives of others!

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