Board of Trustees

Stairway was founded back in 1990 by Monica D. Ray and Lars C. Jorgensen. Till this day they remain the dedicated and charismatic driving forces behind the center, making commitment, creativity and mutual respect the key words of the daily life at Stairway.

The Stairway team consists of a mix of professionals with background in social work, community development, psychology, education and more, as well as a group of young staff, who used to be beneficiaries of the program.

For more and specific information about the people behind Stairway’s programs please inquire at

SFI Board of Trustees

Human Rights Lawyer
Children's Rights Lawyer
Certified Accountant
IT Consultant


Senior Social Worker, SFI Advocacy Team
Director, SFI
Professor, University of the Philippines
Counselor, International School Manila
Head Engineer and Partner, HIT Productions

Stairway Denmark

Danish Friends of Stairway
Stairway Denmark is organizing Danish friends and supporters in an independent organization with its own board and programs. All work and activities done by Stairway Denmark is on a volunteer basis. This includes the annual audit done by KPMG.

Their programs and activities include:
  • Advocating for children’s rights through quarterly newsletters, lectures, exhibits and performances
  • Fundraising on behalf of Stairway Foundation Inc.
  • Collecting expensive equipment for use in Stairway’s programs, such as hospital equipment, computers and teaching materials
  • Organizing promotion tours, seminars, performances, among others; and
  • Solving legal and economic problems.
Stairway Denmark Office
c/o Nils Vilsboel
Sankelmarksvej 15
4760 Vordingborg
Tel: 5537 4257
Giro: 000 4499

Board of Trustees

Fund Raiser


Technical Consultant
Marketing and Sales
Arts Consultant