Happy New Year!

Dear Friends,

This Christmas was the tenth anniversary for performing “One Wish”, and more people than ever flocked to our little theater to be part of the magic. The play humorously stages the fantastic world of elves and magic across the very real world of children living on the streets, while at the same time musing the desire for material gain above unselfish kindness. The smiles and the laughter amongst the audience leave no doubt about the entertaining value of the performance. For the children on stage, the impact of the production is even much more profound.

2017 has been another good year for Stairway. We will get back to you shortly with an annual report, where you can read about the biggest accomplishments and the biggest challenges of the year.

Thank you for your friendship and support. We look forward to continue our partnership and collaboration in 2018 and beyond. Together we will make a difference in shaping the world to be a safer and kinder place for children.

Happy New Year!

With Love and Respect,

Stairway Family