I Am the Change in Climate Change

Earth Day, April 22, EACY club members facilitated beach clean-ups followed by storytelling sessions of I am the Change in Climate Change, written by Alyssa M. Peleo-Alampay, Ph.D.I and illustrated by Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan. The book encourages children to learn about climate change: its definition, causes, and effects. Easy day-to-day practices help kids realize that there are things they can do, even at an early age, to respond and adapt to climate change. Most importantly, the book is a way to increase children’s adaptive capacity, promote environmental stewardship in the community, and raise a generation capable of creating real change.
Stairway Foundation joined CANVAS’ One Million Books Campaign, which generously donated more than 1000 books on Climate Change. We will continue the climate storytelling sessions throughout the year.
You can join Stairway in making everyone climate literate by downloading and reading a free copy of I Am the Change in Climate Change to children and young people today: https://bit.ly/3uZ7JUP.
CANVAS has donated over 400,000 books to children around the Philippines.