Organic Farm, Baclayan


The rationale behind the organic farm in general is to help with the issue of food security for the local community as a whole, and to supply Stairway’s Family Home Program and the Baclayan School Feeding Program with fresh organically grown vegetables. Along the way, we are hoping to develop methodologies and identify suitable crops that would help to make agriculture an attractive option as a career choice for the many young people in the community.

As the farmhouse is the gathering space for 25-40 scholars every weekend and during school breaks, organic farming is an integrated part of their extracurricular education. We hope that we eventually will be able to inspire and capacitate the young people and their families to grow their own organic kitchen garden, anticipating an outcome of increased nutrition and wellness within each family unit. However, the Baclayan Mountain, with its steep slopes and an elevation of nearly 500 meters above sea level, is not exactly an ideal area for farming. There are several conditions to contend with, like the rough terrain, the depletion of top soil, and the strong winds coming with the monsoon season and the many typhoons passing through the Philippine Archipelago.