Stairway celebrates its 25th Anniversary!

2015 means 25 years of Stairway!  Our 25th anniversary is a milestone in what has been an amazingly colorful journey that has taught us much about the beauty and the needs of some of the most marginalized and endangered children in our world.  A journey which at times has exposed us to some of the darkest sides of human doings, and which the next moment has restored a sense of balance by gratifying us with friendship and support from some of the most beautiful people we could possibly imagine.

To anyone visiting our Learning and Resource Center here on Mindoro Island, there is little wonderment as to why we named our foundation Stairway. For those who stay long, the metaphorical meaning of Stairway tends to take precedence over the more literal description of the physical layout of the one hectare tropical garden sloping down to the South China Sea.  More than anything, Stairway is a journey bearing its value not in an end destination, but in every single step along its way.  For thousands of children, it has been a path to a safer and a better life, with each step carved out over the template of the best interest of the child.

The world anno 2015 looks inconceivably different from that of 25 years ago.  Fuelled by innovation, creativity, dedication, trust, friendship and collaboration, Stairway’s development as an organization over the years has been characterized by an ability to constantly adapt and respond to new issues and threats towards children in a fast changing world.

Stairway anno 2015 has become a recognized resource in the world of child protection. While we can appreciate our accomplishments and the recognition we have earned, Stairway remains work in progress.   With your continued support we look forward to journey on and contribute our fair share towards a more just and sustainable world that holds the best interest of our children as a guiding principle for all development.

With love, respect and appreciation,

The Stairway Family