Stairway Chess Tournament 2021

Stairway Foundation held its Chess Tournament 2021 among the Stairway staff and the 13 boys of the Family Home Program.

Plenty of exciting games and unexpected results came up during the elimination rounds, which started in June, under the guidance of Niels Jensby. Some of the boys, who started out doubting their skills showed excellent moves and counterparts during their matches. Even some of the Stairway staff could not win against the residential children after a series of matches. The kids who were on the bottom part of last year’s chess tournament were the ones who led the game this year. Niels Jensby and Jay (residential kid) secured 4th and 3rd place, respectively.

The final round of the chess tournament happened on the 5th of July. The team set up the stage with one table set of a chessboard, a camera focused on the chessboard, and a projector. It allowed the audience to watch each match closely. There were four rounds in the finals that will determine the second and first place of the tournament.

It was a close match between Mark and Dex, two residential children fighting for the championship. Mark won with the white pieces in a hard-fought game after three rounds and became this year’s Stairway Chess Tournament Champion. Dex won the 2nd place spot.

The event ended with an awarding ceremony for all the participants. This year’s tournament showed the residential children a great example of practice makes perfect.