Alligator River Story

Stairway uses the Alligator River Story as an introduction to our courses and trainings about sexual abuse and exploitation. We would like to invite you to try the interactive online session of the Alligator River Story and share your reflections and thoughts with us.

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  1. I think the Alligator River Story tackles a very important angle on rape, particularly about victim blaming and what ifs. It elicits discourse on the situations leading up to a rape incident and what happens after. I hope more people can view this e-learning module and discuss the issue with their community.

  2. In our current climate where publicly speaking up about sexual harassment is being more widely supported and accepted, this story is more applicable than ever, raising the questions of who is to blame, and who is to be believed. We can ask ourselves, what are the motives of the characters in this story, and what leads them to make the decisions that they do. Directed especially towards men, what can we do to change and be better, to make this place a safer environment for our wives, sisters and daughters.

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